One comment on “Easter Holiday – Maths Questions

  1. I would give one mark for 4x-2y but not -2y. -2y displays a lack of knowledge of how vectors work. I’ve only really seen that type of vector question get 1 mark each, but that’s just based on a quick survey of the papers I have on my iPad.
    For 1d, the only method I could thnk of used a fact that isn’t in my textbook at all (though it could just be an omission in mine, as I remember learning it in school…). In that question you have also marked the angle at A as b, while also having a separate point B, at which it is later useful to work out the angle (at least the way I did it). As people often name angles after the point they’re next to, you might want to change this.
    You can just take out the approx in 4 if you think it would be confusing. Just say she counted them if kids ask. I tried to think of a way to adapt it into a question about computing time to be more exact, bt couldn’t think of an analogue for b.
    I’m vey jealous of your tutees. Mine would just stare at me and look confused, then ask if you needed to add or not :S

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